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In Pannonia lowland on the south of Banat region, near main road Belgrade – Vrsac, on entry of Alibunar, on hill from Belgrade direction, there is sport and recreation center with domestic kitchen restaurant, with summer garden on lake with doss house AKVATEN


American bowling is day by day more popular here and in world. Except sport there it is a great entertainment to play bowling, and it all generation sport and great family entertainment, and excellent for making friends.
AKVATEN offer you to try your ability in this sport on two separate runways, completely automatic with computer animations. Your s is only to enjoy and relax.

Ordinary and American bowling
For bowling or American bowling ball with three holes is used to take down as many pin as you can, from ten pin set. Player has to use special shoes so they can slide just enough on the surface. Ordinary bowling is played with smaller ball without holes, runways are shorter and there is a set of nine pins.